Sky Monster

It’s a tale  as old as the stars, and it was “inspired” by a cactus.

James told me that he worked in town as a bus-driver, and on his nights off would occasionally head off into the dark deserts of Nevada where he would hang-out, look at the stars, and ingest more than a liberal helping of Lophophora williamsii – or Peyote… (a)lso known as the Mescal Button or the Divine Cactus…

he had been relaxing on a small outcrop of rock late at night when, after the Peyote had well and truly kicked in, he was amazed – yet curiously calm, too – to see closing in from the distance a huge, shadowy entity flying perilously low in the night sky….

As the aerial thing got closer and closer, James could see that it was nothing less than a… giant, bat-winged, bird-like animal… that was black in color and appeared both wet and shiny.

Click through to find out if James saw a military aircraft, a UFO, or a living pterodactyl. Or something even more mysterious…

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