Crassula columella

We were missing this plant for the last couple years, but our tray of babies has finally grown all up and now we have them out at the nursery, and given how long it took to grow them we’ve had to raise the price, but that doesn’t seem to stop people from buying them. Maybe I should raise the price more? Nah.

So let me tell you a little about this plant. It’s South African name is Silinderplakkie so you know they really liked this plant when they named it. It’s only semi-hardy here, although we grow them outside. Maybe 30F, but they are from a winter rainfall area so that might be why we can grow them even when it gets down to 29 or 28F. They will grow up all the way to 6″ tall. Big!

Everyone always wants to know what color the flowers are, but many crassulas have small, insignificant flowers. Then what? If you really care about these small pale-yellow flowers, you can see a lovely picture of a Silinderplakkie in bloom on the Oregon Cactus Blog.

And now that you’re back you can see what I was talking about. Special!

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