Should You Plant Cactus? Succulents?

People often ask me, what should they plant? In Denver, the Denver Post found the answer to be cactus and succulents. And a big agave is always a good idea for the centerpiece.

Steve Miles says “I tried vegetables. I tried fruit trees, but nothing worked.” He finally found success with succulents. A secret pocket garden of cactus now thrives on the sunny side of his Boulder home. (Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post)

That is a very nice garden. No, wait, that’s not a strong enough word. To the thesaurus! Shall we try stunning? Oooh, I like stupefying.

In Idaho, the Idaho Statesman found the lovely backyard Alligator Cactus garden that we’ve all been looking for.

Joe Jaszewski / Idaho Statesman
The garden of Roger Hankins and Dick Mallea. Within the sparkling combination of shade and water sits Mallea’s alligator cactus desert. Three stepping stones, set in sand, form the body of the alligator (just visible beyond the heron in the photo at top). The cactus came from the ranch where Mallea grew up in Shoshone.

Hap has some cousins who live in Shoshone. It’s a desert out there.

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