Shagbark Manzanita

I was very disappointed with the photograph last week of a different manzanita I posted. But being lazy, I left it up there anyway. Scroll down if you want  to see, but here’s a much better picture for you.

Arctostaphylos rudis “Vandenberg”

Found at or near the Vandenberg AFB in Southern Cal., these will get up to 6 feet tall, and can spread wide if you don’t prune them. Dense branches, shaggy bark, and thickly foliaged with deep green leaves and these will work even as a hedge if you prune judiciously.

I think they make a centerpiece plant in a large front yard. In a smaller yard you should probably put them up against the house. When you prune them you can keep the red shaggy branches for mounting your Tillandsia collection in your back yard.

Keep the cats away from this plant, just because. No real reason. Just do it.

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