Shag Bark Manzanita


Arctostaphylos rudis “Vandenberg”

This California native with very dense foliage can be used in your garden as  a deep green backdrop. On the other hand, if you prefer, with a minimal amount of pruning it can form a hedge to protect you from your annoying neighbors, naturally growing to about 6 ft. tall. However, the thickly growing leaves will tend to hide the deep red manzanita bark on the twisting branches.

We’re starting to get the small clusters of small white and pink flowers already, and they should last into early spring.

Hardy to 15°F. brrrr……

Gee, I feel like a garden blogger all of a sudden, taking pictures of plants in my garden and describing what they can be used for. Maybe I should talk about the berries next, and which urban and suburban animals will appreciate your providing them with this lovely smorgasbord.

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