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I’d watch out for cactus if I were in Scottsdale. You never know when they’re going to jump out and hit your car.

Cactus has run-in with speeder

NORTHEAST VALLEY – Morning drivers had to contend with desert scenery on Wednesday as town officials worked to remove a cactus knocked onto Shea Boulevard by a speeding car.

A Maricopa County sheriff’s spokesman said a speeding driver lost control on Shea between Fountain Hills and Palisades boulevards during morning traffic Wednesday, jumping the median and knocking a cactus into the roadway.

No injuries were reported and the driver, who not identified, was cited for speeding.

Sometimes the cactus in Arizona not only jump, but they’ve been known to crawl as well.

Well, it’s official. That last sentence was literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever typed. Do I win a prize?

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