Nopales are a healthy green vegetable with lots of good healthy stuff in them. Sounds like the perfect time for the supplements companies to move in.

Commonly known as the prickly pear cactus, multi-level marketers are packaging up and selling the antioxidant-rich Nopalea on line as a panacea for everything from reducing free radicals to anti-aging, anti-inflammation and weight loss.

“Nobody is disputing that Nopalea isn’t a very good source for antioxidants, but so are many other food that people can enjoy any time without having to shell out big bucks for slickly marketed packaging,” says, a leading on line consumer health destination. “Our concern is that some multi-level marketers are claiming that these natural ingredients are not only in extremely short supply, but found almost exclusively in Nopalea.

According to, this is simply not the case. “The fact is that the same type of antioxidants are found in spinach, rhubarb, swiss chard, red and yellow beets and a host of other fruits and vegetables.”

To be clear you should add nopales to your diet. Good fresh green nopales. Cook them up!

We saw this same thing with the appetite suppressing powers of Hoodia a few years ago. A normal succulent that has been consumed for millennia in a healthy way is reduced to an ineffective powder and sold as a cure-all. Oy.

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