San Jose Succulents

San Jose gets the news 3 years later.

Succulent plants that were so trendy during the 1970s seem to be gaining popularity again.

If you live in San Jose, now you know! For everyone else, you can be proud that you were ahead of Silicon Valley on this curve. And what’s with the passive voice anyway? The reporter should get out there and determine for themselves the truth of the proposition, or get off the can.

Any other cranky things I can add? I can add the info for an upcoming Southbay class being offered:

“Gardening with Succulents,” with master gardener Laura Balaoro and the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy… takes place from 10 a.m. to noon on Sept. 11… at the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens Visitor and Education Center, located at 438 Coleman Ave. in San Jose.

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