Salt and Pepper 7

OK, so that was a lot of cactus salt and pepper shakers yesterday. But I’ve saved the best for last, and waited a whole day to post it. I was really tempted to post this yesterday, since it’s the best one, but I held back, kept my impulses in check, and saved it for today. But now that it is christmas eve, it’s time to share with you this final cactus salt and pepper shaker that I’ve found on the web. The best one, after all.

But you’ll have to click through after the break to find out who won the title of Best Cactus Salt and Pepper Shaker.

Saguaro Cactus Salt & Pepper Shaker with Cowboy Hat
from B&B Apache Cactus by Creative Ventures

Yes, it’s the hats that does it. This unbeatable pair of cactus shakers just won’t let up. No matter what you do, what happens to you in life, you’ll always smile with these on your table.

Unfortunately it’s currently out of stock, so you’ll just have to wait like the rest of us.

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