Rough Canyon has Cactus and Frogs

Traveling in Colorado this summer? Grand Junction’s Rough Canyon has lots of rare cactus to see. If you hurry they’ll still be in bloom.

Rough Canyon, only 8.6 miles from downtown Grand Junction, is geologically fascinating and home to some of the world’s most rare plants and animals. As its name implies, it’s also rough, rugged and rocky….

(P)ink and yellow Prickly Pear Cactus, vibrant red Claret Cup Cactus… (are) in full bloom.

The trail head is well marked, and initially leads to both the Mica Mine and Rough Canyon. It splits in very short order. The right fork takes you to the Mica Mine, the left trail leads to the tangled maze of Rough Canyon, where the Spineless Hedgehog cactus and rare Canyon Tree Frog live.

You may or may not spot the rare Spineless Hedgehog cactus, since they’re so rare. You could, however, see or hear a Canyon Tree Frog if you look closely and you’re in the canyon at the right time of day.

Cactus and Frogs! Every hike should have cactus and frogs. I mean really that’s the only point of hiking in the West as it turns out. Cactus and frogs.

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