Riding through Lesotho

<a href="https://cactusjungle.com/archives/blog/exit.php?url_id=1882&amp;entry_id=1712" title="http://travel.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/travel/destinations/africa/article3374694.ece" onmouseover="window.status=’http://travel.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/travel/destinations/africa/article3374694.ece’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">Traveling in Africa</a> for a plant enthusiast can be very rewarding indeed. There are native succulents of the most spectacular types. Some may prefer the animal safaris, but what can beat the sight of a forest of aloe trees?<br /><br /><div style="margin-left: 40px;"><span style="font-style: italic;">We pick our way along vertiginous, boulder-strewn ledges and down slick limestone slopes where only the tiniest indentations give hoof purchase. At one point, a succulent aloe cactus proves too tempting for Seputsoe, creating multi-horse gridlock around a hairpin bend. By the time we splash across the river, there¬ís no doubt which of us is best qualified to navigate.</span><br /></div><br />OK, so the article from London was really about a trip on horseback across the highlands of southern Africa, where they did not come across any aloe trees at all. Still, I’m just saying, there are aloe forests in southern africa and they are pretty neat.<br /><br />

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