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Casa Tina in Dunedin, FL serves cactus, and the review from the Examiner is not good.

Ensalada de Nopalitos, the cactus salad, is supposed to be more characteristics of Mexico than any other salad. In this cactus salad, the ingredients were sacrificed. Dunedin, a town known for its Farmers’ Market, it was disappointing to see and taste canned cactus spears on my cactus salad. The flavors of the tin metal can were spread all through out the salad. Cactus paddles laid flat on unwashed leaf lettuce. They could have been crisp tender or even served tender and hot. I would not have even prepared that sort of low quality salad at home. It was valueless.

Oy, I haven’t read a review that bad since Bill O’Reilly read Senator Franken’s “Lies and the Lying Liars”.

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