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I suppose this is why we don’t use common names at the nursery – it’s easy to get them wrong and they can be applied to different plants and it just is less precise and I think that common names are often just silly and more importantly are the stupid trademarked cultivar names like “Keystone Kopper” and “Daisy May” but that’s a story for a different day.

Here’s today’s story from Gannett:

My jade tree is Portulacaria afra, a native succulent of South Africa. It is perfect for adding a decidedly Asian flair to any setting indoors or out.

In case I have to spell this out, Jade Tree is Crassula ovata while this “Asian” plant from Africa actually has it’s own common name, Elephant Bush.

In the wild it is browsed from the top down by elephants in its homeland along the eastern Cape, north to Natal. This illustrates why this plant adapts so well to pruning as a bonsai specimen.

It also illustrates why it’s called Elephant Bush. And since common names vary, invariably, the local common name in South Africa for this plant is Spekboom in Afrikaans. Good to know!

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