Red Yarrow

Achillea “Red Velvet” not only has these astonishingly true red inflorescences, but the color is also long lasting. Usually we like to take yarrow blooms and dry them before the color has faded too far and they can preserve a lighter shade, but these will maintain this deep red color for months at a time.

They are totally cold hardy all the way down to Zone 4. If you know how cold that is, then you should be thrilled you can get this much color where you live.

They are deer resistant and attractive to butterflies, per the usual yarrow standards. These get around 2 feet tall.

We always like to mix some Achillea colors into any of our meadow gardens. They look grassy-like amidst the ornamental grasses until they stop popping up these bloom stalks and then they look like wildflowers which they are around these parts of Northern California.

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