Record Setting Cactus

Alert the good folks at Guinness!

A cactus plant that has grown in SDM College of Dental Sciences premises near Sattur in Dharwad is looking for a place in the `Guinness Book of World Records’.

Known as `Cereus peruvianus’ in botanical terminology, the 77-foot plant is still growing….

The college authorities have erected a tower to support the plant. Incidentally, the current world record stands in the name of a cactus in Narayanpur of Dharwad. The cactus grown at Pandit Munji’s house in Narayanpur was 72-foot tall when it made an entry into the `Guinness Book’ in 2004. Now that plant has been reduced to 56 feet as it has broken.

A very interesting article about a very interesting plant. But no picture. I wonder what I can find on the googles?

Nothing. Oh well, maybe I should google harder.

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