Rare Cacti Found in India

Cacti of rarest kind in Howrah hamlet

“It all started with my mother’s need for flowers for her daily prayers. I stepped in by helping her grow different varieties of marigold and hibiscus and this planted the passion for growing flowers in me”, Aditya said….

37-Year-old Aditya also possesses some rare Indian cacti like the Freria Indica, seen only in the Western Ghats and classified by the botanical survey of India among the endangered Palaeoendemic species….

One of the prized possessions of Aditya is Hydnophytum Formicurum, a lowland species native to southern Thailand and Malaysia but also found in the Andamans.

“One of my rarest succulents is Ceropigia Hirsuta- a rare succulent found in Mahabaleswar. The specialty of this succulent is that it stays seven months under the soil and sprouts after the first rain”, said Aditya.

Aditya, who has not studied beyond the tenth standard, works as a garden consultant.

It’s a nice story of a local boy who made his community proud.

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