I think something got lost in the translation, or a mistake was made, or something, because this quote from Hap in Today’s Garden Center Magazine doesn’t make any sense at all.

28 Quick Ideas To Steal


8. Use Local Plants
Live evergreens are great products for Christmas but don’t always hold up well in warmer areas. Cactus Jungle Nursery & Garden’s Hap Hollibaugh recommends using local plants, such as magnolia, for wreaths in the South.

Now it’s possible Hap said something about local plants but why would he have mentioned magnolias for the south? We don’t live in the south.

I suppose I could ask Hap what he said, but then again he’s not here right now and he’ll probably see this later and comment on it, so come back and check out what he really said. Or meant. Or didn’t say.

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