Queen of the Florida Night

A recommendation to plant this amazing scrabbling cactus in Ft. Myers Florida, from the Ft. Myers News-Press, Selenicereus grandiflorus.

It’s a cactus, all right, but parched desert is not required. In fact, this nocturnal beauty is entirely at home in the subtropics. A robust climber, cereus will happily vine its way up trees (sabal palms work particularly well) or spill from hanging pots. Once or twice a year, it blooms. Each starry flower lasts just one night, and is followed by an edible, egg-shaped crimson fruit. When they’re open, the blossoms have a sweet, floral/vanilla scent. The green ribbed stem is segmented and sometimes covered with white fur. Near the blossom, the stem takes on a reddish color.

Very pretty.

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