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I’ve got a whole bunch of blog posts I was working on that never came to fruition. Do you like that word? Anyway, I’ve decided to bullet-point all these interesting points that I was working on ’til I gave up on them. See if there are any there that you like enough to want to put together a full post on for yourself, on your own blog that is. You can have one or two if you want, free of charge.

  • Thorny plants are generally shrubby whereas spiny plants are more often columnar.
  • National Health Care may help make cactus-collecting a more acceptable hobby.
  • The Pacific Rim is the future of Cactus Production, through 2050.
  • If you dream of cactus you are likely to have an outgoing personality, whereas people who dream of roses are more likely to be [edited].
  • Cactus fruit are delicious.
  • I miss the local shop where I used to get pasties in Boston. Warburtons it was called. I wonder if they’re still in business?
  • Oregon or Auburn? The game is in Arizona at the Cactus Stadium next week.

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