Aeonium “Whippet”

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Common Name:

Benjamin's Aeonium


Cactus Jungle


Family: Crassulaceae

Shrub to 2ft with many fast-growing rosettes

This cultivar is a Cactus Jungle original: a greener sport off A. “Schwarzkopf”

Does well outdoors in the bay area as a potted plant or landscape specimen. Plant in well draining media. This plant is from a winter rainfall region, but can receive water throughout the year in cultivation. Should be watered about once every 2 weeks, always allowing time for the soil to dry out between waterings. This plant does not like extreme heat and can fry if the temperatures rise above 100°F for long periods. Aeoniums are monocarpic so branches die back after flowering, but plants will generally re-branch from lower stems.


Temperature: Hardy to 25F

Full Sun to Part Shade

Ultra Soil Blend

Low Water

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