Planting Drought Tolerant Gardens in California

It’s now time to talk about the drought. Mandatory reductions in water use are being implemented across the state, and are hitting hard in many communities in the Bay Area.

So here’s the thing – it’s time to reduce watering your plants, and the best way to do that is to replace your moderate and water-intensive plantings with drought-tolerant plants. Of course, pretty much everything we carry at Cactus Jungle is drought-tolerant, so we like to think we are a good resource for reducing your water use. But I want to be clear – you do have to water your cactus and succulents and natives and other drought tolerant perennials. Even if planted in the ground! Drought-tolerant, sure, but this is a record breaking drought! There is no residual moisture hanging out in your soils for the plants this summer. Please, a little water. Not too much, not too often, but once per week in the first year for new plantings and every 2-4 weeks for older plantings! When we get back to our regular wet winters, someday (it will happen!) then you can leave your succulents alone for months.

So what water should you be using? We’re using the bucket method at home – a bucket to hold the water in the shower as it’s heating up.

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