Planting California Native Plants

The rainy season has started so now is the time for all good California gardeners to start planting native plants. Yarrows are good. This one is Achillea “Fireland”, a nice color.

If you plant them now they won’t go dormant as soon as you plant them like if you had planted them in July.

If you plant them now you won’t have to water since the rains will take care of that for you.

If you plant them now they’ll grow lots of roots over the winter so in the spring when you want big pretty plants you’ll have big pretty plants popping up all over.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about getting with the program. I’m talking about planting California native plants in the fall.

Here, have another plant. It’s the picture of the Solanum “Indian’s Grey” I promised you last month when all I had was a crappy cell phone picture. This one was taken with a proper camera.

The common name is Blue Witch.

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