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In New Mexico they’re thinking about drilling on a mesa that may harm the groundwater and kill off the local cactus.

The mesa is a scenic 1.2 million-acre expanse of yuccas, cholla cactus and knee-high gramma grass. Drilling opponents warn that groundwater could be contaminated by oil and gas production.

And then in Boston they’re giving away succulent cuttings.

I cut off the top 4 to 6 inches of young stems… Then you need to practice patience….

If the leaves are thick – as they are with succulents – I may… force the plant to expand its root structure to ensure survival.

Sure you do.

Next on our trip around the country it’s off to the Tucson desert where the farmers are hoping for some rain.

The monsoon season, which officially started June 15, has been wetter than normal from Douglas to the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

I’m sure the cactus are happy. Where else should we go? Any place else on our map? No? OK, then.

Well, I forgot about Florida. Shall we see what’s going on in Florida? They’re feeling the drought there.

What exactly does the term ‘xeric’ mean? That’s a very good question…

(A) planting scheme grouping plants by water needs; uses modern water application techniques; minimizes open areas in the garden; improves the soil; and sharply limits high-water plants like turf.

Remarkably, many of our favorite plants do nicely with less water (like) Jatropha.

Well, that was a fun voyage around the country looking at drilling and watering and planting and cutting. Tomorrow I think we should all go to Western Ontario and visit the The Sherwood Fox Arboretum together. Shall we say 2pm? See you there.

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