Kniphofia rooperi

Clump-forming Perennial

Yellow/orange blooms on 4ft. stalks in fall through late winter. Arching, keeled, dark green leaves.

Kniphofia thompsonii

Clump-forming Perennial

Red-orange tubular bloom sprays in spring are similar to Aloe’s torch sprays, last for weeks, and are attractive to hummingbirds. Rhizomatous. Needs rich soil with excellent drainage.

Libertia peregrins

Evergreen Perennial

Rhizomatous Iris with stunning orange foliage that practically glows in the sun and a profusion of small white flowers in spring. Will spread with water.

Livistona australis

Palm Tree

Fast growing palm with raised leaf scars along the trunk. Large fan-shaped leaves spread wide. Leaves are frost-tender.

Lotus formosissimus

Herbaceous Perennial

Furry grey upright stems, clusters of bicolor purple and yellow pea-sized flowers in spring/summer, grey-green oblong leaves. Drought tolerant but does best in a moist location.

Lupinus luteus

Annual Wildflower

Rich green foliage, deep yellow flowers. Palmate leaves. Seed pods develop late summer, early fall. Collect seed for new plants the following year.

Lycoris radiata

Deciduous Bulb

Amaryllis relative that sends up deep red airy bloom stalk in fall followed by strappy gray geen leaves that grow over the winter. Keep dry while summer dormant. Deer and gopher resistant.

Maranta leuconeura

Typically found in red or green varieties. Tropical Houseplant can handle a variety of indoor light conditions, bright indirect is best. Fast draining soil, moderate (distilled) water but prefers not to sit in water. Occasionally mist the leaves.

Medinilla cummingii

Large leaves, sprawling form. Pendant pink flowers. Forms Tropical Houseplant can handle a variety of indoor lower light conditions, indirect is best. Keep moist. Some humidity preferred.

Melinis nerviglumis

Rhynchelytrum neriglume
Semi-Evergreen Grass

Astonishing soft ruby blooms spring through summer, can last into winter. Blue-green foliage turns red in fall. Reseeds to maintain clumps, can spread if allowed.

Mimosa pudica

Tropical herb to 5ft.; lightly spiny stems, leaves close to touch. Keep moist, grows well as a houseplant.

Monolena primuliflora

Large-leafed rare tropical epiphyte. Grown as a Houseplant can handle a variety of indoor light conditions, bright indirect is best. Fast draining soil, moderate water, high humidity. Occasionally mist the leaves. Will form a caudex, very slow growing. Red begonia-like flowers.

Muhlenbergia “Regal Mist”

Semi-Evergreen Grass

Small clump grass with misty pink flowers in fall. Foliage turns tan in fall. Cut to the ground in late winter to clean up. Water well through the dry summer months.

Musa basjoo

Evergreen Hardy Banana

Extremely cold-tolerant, or beautiful indoor tropical houseplant grown for the foliage. Blooms frequently. Good container plant. Large blue-green leaves.

Musella lasiocarpa

Hardy Banana

Extremely wind-tolerant. Good container plant. Frost-hardy. Winter-rain-hardy. Starts growing again in spring. Large blue-green leaves get 3′ to 4′ long.

Nemesia “Sugarberry”


Small purple and yellow flowers in spring through summer. Works well in containers.

Nepenthes ventricosa

Pitcher’s are variable. Keep warm, protect from frost. Compact plant where pitchers are tight to the plant.


Nephrolepsis “Duffii”

Dwarf variety with small fishbone fronds. Tropical Fern can handle a variety of indoor lower light conditions, indirect is best. Moderate water but prefers not to sit in water. Some humidity preferred.

Ophiopogon “Black Beard”

O. planiscapus “Black Beard”
Evergreen Lily

Slow growing, tight clumps of arching silky black grass-like blades. 14″ bloom spikes with white flowers.

Ophiopogon japonicus

Evergreen Lily

Fast growing, tight clumps of thin, arching deep green grass-like blades. 12″ bloom spikes with lavender flowers.

Origanum “Amethyst Falls”

Evergreen Herb

Huge sprays of cascading amethyst-colored blooms in mid summer make for a great rock garden plant or in a hanging basket.

Origanum “Herrenhausen”

Evergreen Herbaceous Perennial

Small purple flowers sprays cover the stems in summer and through the fall. Groundcover with erect stems.

Origanum “Hopley’s Purple”

Herbaceous Perennial

Mild-tasting. Vibrant flower clusters spring through fall. Excellent choice for rock gardens and borders. Deer resistant.

Origanum “Kent Beauty”

O. rotundifolium “Kent Beauty”
Herbaceous Perennial

Excellent choice for rock gardens and hanging baskets. Cuttings can be dried and used in crafts. Deer resistant. Cut back hard in winter.

Origanum microphyllum hybrid

Evergreen Herb

Low growing, mounding. Tiny fragrant green leaves. Lavender-pink flowers. Great in rock gardens and mixed pots.

Ornithogalum magnum

Deciduous Bulb

Non-invasive bulb good for naturalizing. Flower spikes of white star-shaped flowers appear in late Spring and can be up to 3ft tall, lasting a few weeks at a time. Dormant in Winter.