Moderate; Low in Summer

Amaryllis belladonna

Deciduous Bulb

Winter growing clump forming bulb with long deep green leaves. Fragrant bubblegum pink blooms emerge from the “naked” bulb in the late summer to early fall on 2-3ft stocks. Deer resistant.

Epilobium “Carmen’s Grey”

E. canum “Carmen’s Grey
Evergreen perennial

Hummingbird plant. Broad, bright-grey leaves covered with orange-red trumpet-shaped flowers. Cut back in early spring for fuller growth.

Epilobium canum “Marin Pink”

Evergreen Perennial

Hummingbird plant. Broad, grey-green leaves covered with light pink trumpet-shaped flowers. Cut back in early spring for fuller growth.

Ipheion uniflorum

Flowering Bulb

Small bulbs in the Amaryllis family, related to onions. Shiny green leaves, flattened, will have a bit of an onion scent. Blooms in spring. Plant bulbs 2-3″ deep in fall, or transplant potted plants in spring. Deciduous in summer.


Ixia viridiflora

Deciduous Bulb

Small bulb with tall bloom stalks and lots of vibrant blue flowers. Winter-growing, flowers in spring followed by summer-dormant. Prefers sandy soils.

Koeleria macrantha

Evergreen Bunch Grass

Tolerates sandy soils, clay soils, dry gardens and creeksides. Useful as a meadow grass.

Leucadendron “Cloudbank Ginny”

Evergreen Shrub

Drought-tolerant, deer-resistant shrub can be used for screening. The orange-red central cone surrounded by pale yellow bracts are good for long-lasting cut flowers.


Schinus molle

Evergreen tree

Semi-edible “Pink Peppercorns” (toxic in large quantities). A bright green evergreen tree that tolerates many adverse conditions. Plants underneath canopy are not successful.

Scilla peruviana

Deciduous Bulb

Summer dormant bulb in the Hyacinth family, in fall develops a compact rosette of 18″ long leaves. In spring, forms 6″-12″ tall flower stalks densely topped with numerous small lavendar flowers.