Low; Moderate in Summer

Coreopsis “Uptick™ Yellow & Red”

Evergreen Flowering Perennial

Compact mounds of large 2-colored flowers – yellow flowers with large red centers. Blooms through the summer and fall.

Cyathea cooperi

Semi-evergreen Fern

Fast growing tree fern that can get 20 ft tall and have a canopy spread of 10-12ft. Likes bright light, can handle sun at coast. Fronds will arc down as they age.

Dicksonia Antarctica

Semi-evergreen Fern

Gorgeous large tree fern that can handle full shade or sun at the coast. More water when it is hot. Slow growing.

Dodonaea viscosa “Purpurea”

Evergreen Shrub

Rapid growing, more upright when young spreading out with age. Narrow bronzy-green 4 inch long leaves turn purple with cooler weather. Tiny green flowers clusters mid-summer.

Dypsis baronii

Evergreen Palm

Stunning palm for smaller gardens, can handle many conditions. Multi-trunked, with prominent rings around each trunk. We also sometimes carry a hybrid that has red petioles (leaf stems).

Dypsis lanceolata

Evergreen Palm

Stunning palm, slow growing to 15ft tall. Does well in pots, great for protected patios. Well-draining soil, water regularly through the summer. Multi-trunked with age.Protect from frost.

Elegia cuspidata

Evergreen Restio

Upright stems to 3 feet. Brown sheaths, dark brown flowers.

Helichrysum “Ember Glow”

Evergreen Perennial

Showy clusters of red buds open to red and orange flowers. Soft grey leaves. Low growing groundcover.

Helichrysum “Red Jewel”

Evergreen Perennial

Showy clusters of deep red buds open to white flowers. Soft grey leaves. Low growing groundcover

Helichrysum “Ruby Cluster”

Evergreen Perennial

Showy clusters of deep pink buds open to white flowers. Large grey leaves. Low growing groundcover.

Homalocladium platycladum

Evergreen shrub

Flat, segmented, bright green stems with tiny red and white flowers along the edges.

Iris douglasiana

Evergreen Perennial

Light Blue flowers May thru June. Can handle full sun at coast, prefers shade and some summer water inland.

Iris innominata

Evergreen Perennial

Golden yellow with darker veins, sometimes lavender to purple edges. Dense compact clumps.

Kniphofia “Ember Glow”

Clump-forming Perennial

Tubular flowers of yellow and orange bloom late summer to fall.  Attractive to hummingbirds and deer resistant.

Kniphofia “Fire Dance”

Clump-forming Perennial

Yellow to red bloom spikes give way to bright red tubular blooms late summer to fall. Attractive to hummingbirds.

Kniphofia “Poco Orange”

Clump-forming Perennial

This dwarf variety is compact and has ombré orange-red tubular blooms. Attractive to hummingbirds.

Muhlenbergia dumosa

Evergreen Clump Grass

Beautiful bamboo-like drought-tolerant clump grass.

Phacelia californica

Evergreen Wildflower

Low growing grey-green leaves, hairy, with vigorous 2 ft. tall bloom stalks with lavender flowers. Grows well in rocky soils, cracks and crevices. Some water in summer.

Salvia munzii

Evergreen perennial

Small shrubs with tight whorls of light lavender to blue blossoms. Will go dormant in Fall if kept dry. Does well in containers. Mixes well with Monkeyflowers.

Uncinia “Belinda’s Find”

Perennial Sedge

Shiny, dark reddish bronze leaves with a bright cherry red variegation. Loosely tufted, upright form.

Uncinia uncinata

Perennial Sedge

Shiny, dark reddish brown leaves. Loosely tufted, upright form.

Vitis girdiana

Deciduous Climbing Vine

Fast growing California native grape. Gray and green leaves, edible small black fruit. Great leafy vine for walls and fences.

Vitis vinifera “Purpurea”

Deciduous Climbing Vine

Deep red colored leaves through summer, spectacular autumn display. More compact than most grapes. Prune when dormant. Edible small purple fruit.