Drought tolerant

Euphorbia martinii “Medea”

Evergreen Herbaceous Perennial

Lime green foliage, new growth flushes orange. Blooms May thru July. Deer resistant. Good for cut flowers.

Euphorbia mellifera

Evergreen Shrub

Large, bright green foliage, honey-scented lemon-yellow flowers. Needs good drainage. Deer-resistant.

Euphorbia myrsinites

Evergreen herbaceous perennial

Grey-green leaves, topped with sulphur yellow bloom sprays. Low-growing, creeping spurge. Deer-resistant.

Euphorbia wallichii

Evergreen Shrub

Lush green leaves. Striking golden yellow flowers in late spring. Will handle clay soils.

Euphorbia x martinii

Evergreen Herbaceous Perennial

Blooms May thru July with red pistils, fades to buff. Foliage turns bronze/red in Fall. Deer resistant. Good for cut flowers.

Euphorbia “Red Velvet”

E. amygdaloides “Red Velvet”

Evergreen shrub

Thick velvety dark reddish leaves on full stems. Large bloom sprays of green bracts and mixed brightly-colored blooms. Deer-resistant.

Ficus auriculata

Evergreen to semi-deciduous tree

“Large oval shaped leaves grow as large as 15”. Non-edible figs form in clusters on the trunk and larger branches. Best in full sun in a wind protected area.”

Heuchera cylindrica

Perennial Herb

Clumping groundcover with small round leaves. Creamy yellow flowers are born along many 1ft+ tall bloom spikes, attracts hummingbirds. Great for shady rock gardens.

Juncus acutus


Sharp tipped evergreen rush from native creeksides, can handle moderate water and full summer drought. Used in basketry.

Leucadendron “Safari Sunset”

Evergreen Shrub

Very vibrant red bracts that surround the central yellow and red cone flower on vigorous long stems. Flowers are great for cuttings and drying.

Parajubaea torallyi

Palm Tree

Grows in high altitude sandstone valleys, in dry and dusty conditions. Silvery grey leaves.  Cold tolerant, drought tolerant. Large and thick at base of trunk. Grows well throughout California.


Pellaea cordifolia

Evergreen Fern

Fern with small heart-shaped leaves along the fronds. Trim back to prevent leggy appearance. Fully drought-tolerant, but water regularly for optimal appearance.

Pellaea falcata

Evergreen Fern

Broadleaf fern, fishbone fronds. Trim back to prevent leggy appearance. Likes moisture but drought-tolerant in shade. Deer resistant.

Ribes nevadense

Deciduous shrub

Flowers attract hummingbirds, berries attract other birds. Soft pink flower clusters in early spring through summer. Creeksides. Tolerates wet or dry conditions. Dormant in fall.

Sabal riverside

Palm Tree

First Identified in Riversaide, CA. Fast growing, cold tolerant, drought tolerant. Gigantic blue-green fan shaped fronds. Grows well at coast.


Vitis “Roger’s Red”

V. californica “Roger’s Red”
Deciduous Fruiting Vine

California native grape, deciduous. Gray and green leaves revamp to a deep, rich red in autumn months. Edible, small purple fruit. Fast growing and frost hardy.

Vitis californica

Deciduous Fruiting Vine

Northern California native grape, deciduous leaves. Gray and green leaves turn red in autumn months before dying back for winter. Edible purple fruit. Fast growing.