Cactus and Succulents - Every 2 Week

Sempervivum rubrum

Small colorful rosettes form large clusters. Light shade inland and in hot areas.

Senecio amaniensis

S. decaryi

Shrubby succulent to 4ft. with bright orange daisy flowers (Asteraceae).

Senecio cephalophorus

Spoon shaped blue leaves topped with puffball-like orange flower clusters. Drought tolerant. Frost tender.

Senecio haworthii

Subshrub with white oval leaves on short vertical stems. Rot prone – plant in sun with lots of air circulation.

Senecio jacobsenii

Unusual pastel colored leaves in full sun. Low growing, good for hanging naskets or to trail over a mixed succulent pot. Will root along the ground as it trails.


Senecio peregrinus

Fascinating little diving dolphin-shaped thick ovoid leaves leaping all over the long trailing stems. Rot-prone, keep dry. Bluish hue with more sun.

Senecio praecox

Wild looking deciduous tree with many branches will get large bloom sprays with yellow daisy flowers on ends of undulating bare branches before new leaves.

Senecio radicans

Thick ovoid leaves on long trailing stems. Rot-prone, keep dry.

Senecio scaposus

Stemless clumps of silver finger-like leaves, 6-12″. Yellow daisy blooms. Drought tolerant.