Cactus and Succulents - Every 1 Week

Mimosa pudica

Tropical herb to 5ft.; lightly spiny stems, leaves close to touch


Terrestrial bromeliads, frost-tender, bright colors.

Neoregelia ampullacea

Classic small Bromeliad will readily hybridize, with many cultivars available. Rosettes will show varying amounts of striping and spotting

Oxalis adenophylla

Alpine, semi-succulent, with pink-tipped white flowers. Prefers full sun, but can handle some light shade.

Oxalis flava

Small succulent bulb with thickened leaves. Variable flowers – yellow, white and some purple. Rocky soils with some sand.

Winter growing, spring-summer flowers.

Peperomia columella

Small columns of densely packed window-edged green leaves. Snake-like flower shoots grow from the tops of the columnar stems.

Rhipsalis baccifera

R.  cassutha

Hanging epiphytic jungle cactus from Brazil, to 6’l; not frost hardy

Sarcocaulon vanderietiae

Monsonia vanderietiae

Small shrubby, spiny plant in the Geranium Family (Geranaceae). Light pink flowers. Grows low and wide to 12″ tall. Summer dormant. Water weekly when growing, less when dormant.


Sedum “Sunsparkler Wildfire”

Bright red shiny leaves with pink edges. Heat and cold tolerant. Sprawls, makes a good rock garden plant or in hanging baskets. Semi-deciduous.

Sedum cauticola “Lidakense”

Groundcover to 8″ tall. Great border plant, robust clumps. Large purple flower sprays in late summer. Attractive to Butterflies; Deer resistant.

Welwitschia mirabilis

One of the wierdest tropical desert plants.
Care: Water weekly first year, do not let fully dry out. Water every 1-2 weeks thereafter. 4 hrs min. afternoon sun. Sensitive to changing light conditions. Senstivie to transplant – keep roots intact.

Zamia furfuracea


Recommended indoor in the Bay Area. Large cardboard-like leaves on wide spreading fronds. Short trunk very slow to develop.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Herbaceous stems and leaves growing from large underground succulent rhizomes. Known for its air-purifying effects, though poisonous itself.