Cactus and Succulents - Keep Dry

Lithops karasmontana

1″-2″ across; little water in Summer, none in Winter; grey-green with olive spots

Lithops lesliei

1-1/2″ across w/fissure in middle; little water in Summer, none in Winter

Lithops optica v. rubra

Rare purple mesemb. Windowed tops. Will form small clusters over time. Winter-growing, summer-dormant and very low water – can be tricky to get the watering and drainage correct.

Lithops salicola

1″ across w/fissure, translucent; little water in Summer, none in Winter

Monilaria moniliformis

Likes very rocky soils. Winter-growing, flowers in the spring. Will grow an irregular caudex topped with small paired tubular jeweled leaves when active, deciduous when dormant.

Titanopsis calcarea

Small clumper forms dense mats of thick open leaves. Winter-growing, keep dry in summer. Grows in limestone strewn areas.