Sun to Part Shade

Ceanothus “Tilden Park”

Evergreen shrub

Small glossy green leaves with impressive displays of vivid blue flower clusters that completely cover the plant in late spring. Grows under native Oaks.

Ceanothus “Yankee Point”

C. griseus “Yankee Point”
Evergreen shrub

Fast growing ground-cover shrub with glossy dark green leaves and blue flower clusters winter through spring. Can handle partial shade and as low as 20 F.

Ceanothus hearstiorum

Evergreen Groundcover

One of the lowest growing Ceanothus, excellent groundcover. Small bumpy green leaves, medium blue flower clusters. Protect from afternoon sun inland. Prefers fast draining soil.

Chamaedorea seifrizii

Evergreen Palm

Bamboo-like palm tree; regular water, light fertilizing, bright indirect light.

Coleonema “Danny’s Gold”

Aromatic Evergreen Shrub

Slender bright yellow-green foliage with pink star-shaped flowers winter to spring. Great as a hedge and along pathways where the foliage can be brushed against to release a spicy-sweet fragrance.

Coleonema “Sunset Gold”

C. pulchellum “Sunset Gold”
Aromatic Evergreen Shrub

Low-growing, fragrant shrub. Thin, golden needle-like foliage with pale pink flowers winter through spring.

Coreopsis “Jethro Tull”

Evergreen Flowering Perennial

Bright golden daisy flowers, fernlike foliage forms a lacey/frilly mound. Classic garden plant, works well in containers.

Cuphea “Starfire”

Deciduous Perennial

Fast growing perennial with vibrant pinkish red tubular flowers nearly year round.  A hummingbird favorite!

Cuphea “Strybing Sunset”

Evergreen Perennial

Fast growing evergreen perennial with bright orange tubular flowers nearly year round. A hummingbird favorite!

Cuphea cyanea

Evergreen Perennial

Fast growing evergreen perennial with a huge profusion of bright pink tubular flowers nearly year round. A hummingbird favorite!

Cussonia spicata

Evergreen Tree

Large distinctive tree with intricately divided leaves. Small yellow flower borne on club like spikes on the branch ends in Summer. Needs protection from frost and moderate water while young.

Cussonia transvaalensis

Evergreen Tree

Beautiful small tree can be a focal point for a garden with large green deep-lobed leaves. Corky bark. Edible roots. Can handle light frost, protect from freeze.


Deschampsia cespitosa

Evergreen Grass

A dramatic variegated bloom stalk atop thin slightly arcing tapered green blades in a tight clump.

Dichelostemma ida-maia

Deciduous Bulb

Slowly clumping native bulb, with unique tubular bright red/yellow flowers that attract hummingbirds. Leaves appear after fall rain, followed by a 16-24″ bloom stalk in May. Keep dry in summer.

Dypsis baronii (hyb. Red Petioles)

Evergreen Palm

Stunning palm for smaller gardens, can handle many conditions. Multi-trunked, with prominent rings around each trunk. This hybrid has red leaf stems.

Dypsis lanceolata

Evergreen Palm

Stunning palm, slow growing to 15ft tall. Does well in pots, great for protected patios. Well-draining soil, water regularly through the summer. Multi-trunked with age.Protect from frost.

Ephedra tweediana

Perennial Vining Shrub

Flexible jointed leafless branches will climb and spread from a thick trunk. Frost tolerant.

Epilobium “Select Mattole”

Evergreen perennial

Hummingbirds love this plant and its amazing orange-red trumpet-shaped flowers. Great for low water gardens, grows naturally in rock crevices along the coast. Deer tolerant.

Euphorbia “Ascot Rainbow”

Evergreen Perennial

Strongly variegated leaves, unique lime and yellow colors. Pink tinged in winter with hints of orange. Deer-resistant.

Euphorbia “Blue Lagoon”

Evergreen Herbaceous Perennial

Low growing mounds of upright stalks with blue-green foliage, tall blooms talks with chartreuse blooms all summer long. Deer-resistant.

Euphorbia “Bruce’s Dwarf”

E. characias “Bruce’s Dwarf”
Evergreen Herbaceous Perennial

Remains fairly dense year-round. Gray-green foliage, spring/summer chartreuse blooms. Deer-resistant.

Euphorbia “Dean’s Hybrid”

Evergreen Herbaceous Perennial

Remains fairly dense year-round. Gray-green foliage, yellow blooms all summer long. Deer-resistant.

Euphorbia “Efanthia”

E. amygdaloides “Efanthia”
Evergreen herbaceous perennial

Upright habit with lime-green bloom sprays spring to early summer. Deer-resistant.

Euphorbia “Excalibur”

Evergreen Herbaceous Perennial

Upright form with grey-green foliage that start out a stunning bright red in early spring. Chartreuse flowers mid-summer. Deer-resistant.

Euphorbia “Glacier Blue”

Evergreen Herbaceous Perennial

A compact variety with blue-green leaves edged in white. Spring flowers have similar variegated coloring. Good for border planting. Deer-resistant.


Euphorbia “Kalipso”

Evergreen shrub

Mounding habit with rich green bloom sprays spring to early summer. Deer-resistant.

Euphorbia “Miner’s Merlot”

Evergreen Herbaceous Perennial

Mature foliage is dark green, while new growth is dark burgundy. A compact grower. Good for borders. Deer resistant.