Part Shade to Shade

Amorphophallus konjac

Deciduous Bulb

Beautiful and distinct tropical foliage emerges in late spring as a single, enormous leaf atop a  speckled stem. Every couple years, may form a massive, striking “corpse” flower. Prefers well  draining soil. Winter dormant.

Begonia fuchsioides

Evergreen Perennial

Pink/Red flowers throughout the spring and summer drape down from the branches.

Carex “Kaga Nishiki”

C. dolichostachya “Kaga Nishiki”
Evergreen Sedge

Stunning variegated fountains of gold and green striped blades. Great for rock gardens.

Clivia miniata


Spikes of orange flowers appear late winter into spring, blooming just atop a fan of dark green strappy leaves. Keep dry in summer.

Davallia trichomanoides

Semi-evergreen Fern

Beautiful foliage, white furry rhizomes. Fronds are intricately divided. Epiphytic in nature, can grow in hanging baskets and indoor. Will lose fronds in winter, may go deciduous.

Helleborus “Ivory Prince”

Evergreen Perennial

Great for dry shade. Green and white downward-facing flowers. Green foliage, hints of red in the flowers, leaves and stems. Deer resistant.

Helleborus “Love Bug”

Evergreen Perennial

Pink buds and flowers in spring that age to a deep pink. Silvery green foliage.

Helleborus “Penny’s Pink”

Evergreen Perennial

Flowers late winter into spring. Purple buds open up to a light mauve-pink flower that ages to a deep pink and green. Silvery-green foliage with a defined veining pattern. Great for dry shade locations.

Helleborus “Pink Marble”

Evergreen Perennial

2″ soft pink flowers top the low growing richly colored foliage in winter. Silver-veined red-edged green foliage

Helleborus “Red Lady”

Evergreen Perennial

This Lenten Rose displays flower colors of rich burgundy wine to deep red in winter thru spring. Silvery green foliage. Deer resistant.

Helleborus “Ruby Glow”

Evergreen Perennial

Ruby stems and pink flowers that age to a rose color in winter thru spring. Silvery green foliage.

Helleborus “Silver Dollar”

Evergreen Perennial

Great for dry shade. Green downward-facing flowers on pink bloom stalks above the leaves. Serrated grey-green foliage, hints of red in the flowers and leaves. Deer resistant.

Heuchera “Beaujolais”

Evergreen Perennial

Huge burgundy leaves with a touch of silver, heavily veined in deep violet. Cream-colored, bell-shaped blooms rise to 16″ mid-summer.

Heuchera “Bressingham Hybrids”

Evergreen Perennial

Low growing clump of large colorful leaves. Tall bloom sprays with dark red bell shaped flowers. Easy growing groundcover or for rock gardens. Long lasting cut flowers.

Heuchera “Caramel”

Evergreen Perennial

Mounding, lobed, honey apricot leaves deepen in color with warm weather. Clusters of pink bells rise to 26″ mid-summer.

Heuchera “Encore”

Evergreen Perennial

Deep rose purple leaves with a silver sheen, dark veins and vibrant, red purple undersides. Cream, bell-shaped flowers rise to 18″ mid-summer.

Heuchera “Miracle”

Evergreen Perennial

Lime leaves with central red purple splash mature to brick red with lime gold edge and silver reverse. Pink, clustered flowers rise to 14″ mid-summer.

Heuchera “Prince”

Evergreen Perennial

Neat and tidy densely-ruffled purple foliage. Cream, bell-shaped flowers rise to 18″ mid-summer on bright scarlet stems.

Heuchera “Stormy Seas”

Evergreen Perennial

White flowers on 3ft. stalks mid-spring through summer. Profusions of vibrant purple leaves.

Heuchera “Tiramisu”

Evergreen Perennial

Bright yellow foliage with heavy splashes of red along veins and leaf center. Clusters of creamy, bell-shaped blooms rise to 18″ mid-summer.

Heuchera rubescens

Perennial Herb

Delicate, low groundcover with small leaves about 3″ across. Small pink and white flowers. Great for shady rock gardens.

Iris Pacific Coast Hybrids

Evergreen Perennial

Gorgeous clumps of dark green leaves give way to spectacularly colored blooms from spring through summer.

Leptinella gruveri

Groundcover, can handle some foot traffic. Moderate water but can be allowed to go dormant in the summer. Tiny leaves flat along the ground work well for between pavers.

Polypodium glycyrrhiza

Evergreen Fern

Shade-loving fern with deeply lobed leaves. Spreads slowly by rhizomes.

Polypodium scouleri

Evergreen Fern

Shade-loving fern with deeply lobed leaves. Spreads slowly by rhizomes.

Ribes viburnifolium

Evergreen Perennial Shrub

Dark green, heavily scented foliage with red stems. Tolerates clay soil. Semi-deer-tolerant. Edible fruit.