Full to Part Sun

Helichrysum “Red Jewel”

Evergreen Perennial

Showy clusters of deep red buds open to white flowers. Soft grey leaves. Low growing groundcover

Helichrysum “Ruby Cluster”

Evergreen Perennial

Showy clusters of deep pink buds open to white flowers. Large grey leaves. Low growing groundcover.

Helichrysum italicum “Dwarf”

Evergreen Perennial

Compact shrub with fragrant grey-green foliage. Yellow blooms summer through fall. Deer resistant, great for borders, and attracts bees and butterflies.

Hesperozygis “Midnight Mojito”

Evergreen Perennial

Rounded violet flowers with small green leaves. Attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. Compact growth, great for containers.

Ixia “Rainbow Mix”

Deciduous Bulb

Small flower in the Iris Family with tall bloom stalks and lots of vibrant mixed color flowers. Winter-growing, flowers in spring followed by summer-dormant.



Lavandula “Luxurious”

Lavandula stoechas Luxurious

Evergreen Perennial
Silvery foliage offsets gorgeous deep violet blooms. Flowers from spring through fall. Compact form excellent for border and containers. Attracts butterflies.

Leptospermum “Copper Glow”

Evergreen Shrub

Upright evergreen shrub with coppery stems, white flowers and narrow burgundy leaves. Huge flush of flowers spring through fall.

Leucadendron “Inca Gold”

Evergreen Shrub

This dynamic, tough shrub is sought after for it’s density and heavy display of vibrant golden bracts in fall and red stems.  Flowers are great for cuttings and drying.


Leucadendron “More Silver”

L. meridianum “More Silver”
Evergreen Shrub

Silvery foliage billows in the coastal breezes. Tight silver cones with chartreuse bracts and coral red stems.

Leucadendron “Rising Sun”

Evergreen Shrub

Guaranteed to catch your eye in any garden, this shrub is grown for its bright red bracts that will accent your garden in the spring and summer months.

Leucadendron “Yaeli”

L. salignum “Yaeli”
Evergreen Shrub

A bold selection with narrow dark green leaves and red and yellow bracts. fall thru spring. Good in coastal areas. Deer tolerant.

Leucospermum “Blanche Ito”

Evergreen Shrub

Medium sized shrub with serrated leaves and red tips. Gorgeous multicolored orange-red pincushion flowers. Can grow 6ft tall, but easily kept to under 5ft with yearly pruning.

Leucospermum “California Sunshine”

L. cordifolium “California Sunshine”

Evergreen Shrub
Medium sized shrub with soft narrow leaves. Gorgeous multicolored pincushion flowers of yellow, orange, and red.

Leucospermum “Sunrise”

Evergreen Shrub

Medium sized shrub with serrated leaves and red tips. Gorgeous multicolored pincushion flowers of salmon, yellow, orange, and red. Tolerates a wider range of soils than most Leucospermums.


Leymus triticoides

Turf Grass

Low, riparian, mat-forming grass thrives on seasonal winter rains.

Lotus “Amazon Sunset”

Semi-deciduous perennial

Astonishing flaming red/orange/yellow parrot-beak-shaped flowers. Groundcover or hanging baskets. Indoor or Outdoor.

Lotus “Gold Flash”

Semi-deciduous perennial

Astonishing golden yellow flowers tipped with bright orange and a bit of scarlet red. Groundcover or hanging baskets. Indoor or Outdoor.

Lotus crassifolius var. otayensis

Herbaceous perennial

Furry grey upright stems, clusters of purple and white pea-sized flowers in spring, grey-green oblong leaves.

Ophiopogon “Nigrescens”

O. planiscapus “Nigrescens”
Evergreen Lily

Slow growing, tight clumps of thin, arching deep purple-black grass-like blades. Bloom spikes with white flowers from summer to fall.

Origanum “Hopley’s Purple”

Herbaceous Perennial

Mild-tasting. Vibrant flower clusters spring through fall. Excellent choice for rock gardens and borders. Deer resistant.

Origanum “Kent Beauty”

O. rotundifolium “Kent Beauty”
Herbaceous Perennial

Excellent choice for rock gardens and hanging baskets. Cuttings can be dried and used in crafts. Deer resistant. Cut back hard in winter.

Origanum “Monterey Bay”

Evergreen Herb

Fragrant ornamental oregano with blue-grey foliage and pink flowers in summer. Likes well-draining soils and moderate water.

Pelargonium “Old Spice”

Pelargonium fragrans hybrid

Large mounds of fragrant small curly green leaves. Small striped white flowers. Bushy and erect to 12″ tall. Great along walkways.

Pelargonium crispum

Evergreen Perennial

Ruffled variegated leaves are lemon scented. Flower colors vary with different cultivars, but are small and whitish-pink in the species.

Pennisetum orientale

Evergreen Grass

Low-growing and compact fountain grass with gracefully cascading,slowly expanding mound, of dense foliage. Blooms 2-3 ft tall – a plume of pearly white or silvery pink fluff.