Cactus and Succulents - Part Sun

Stephania erecta

Round caudex to 12″. Vining with erect stems and round flat green leaves. Water well when leafed out.

Stephania perrieri

Deciduous; variable caudex to 12″, vining to 30ft.
Water well when leafed out.

Stephania venosa

Moderate sized caudiciform, 10-15″ across, with broad green leafy vines and blood red sap. Small orange flower sprays. Donut-shaped seeds are called Moon Seeds. Low water, but rich soils.

Tacinga saxatilis

Opuntia saxatilis

Medium prickly pear, sprawls to 3ft, long white soft spines

Tanquana hilmarii

Pairs of small pudgy leaves, mostly solitary; vibrant yellow flowers. Low water.

Tephrocactus weberi

Shrubby, with many stems/branches. Very spiny, some flexible. Orange flowers.

Tillandsia cyanea

Semi-epiphytic, can grow with some soil unlike other Tillandsias. Blue flowers on bright pinik/red paddle shaped spikes.

Titanopsis calcarea

Small clumper forms dense mats of thick open leaves. Winter-growing, keep dry in summer. Grows in limestone strewn areas.


Trachyandra saltii

Unusual caudiciform with long strappy leaves related to Aloes with narrow 2″ caudex. Small striped starry white flowers similar to Bulbines. Tuberous roots. Native to dry grasslands.

Turbinicarpus gielsdorfianus

Small round cactus with long curving black spines and yellow flowers. Usually solitary, vertical growth is almost conical. Woolly areoles.

Tylecodon buchholzianus

Natural bonsai, dwarf shrub. Occasional ovoid green leaves on tips of brown branches. Tiny pink flowers. Prefers some afternoon shade in the summer.

Tylecodon schaeferianus

Small branched succulent with tubular pink flowers. Underground tuberous roots form a caudex and can be exposed above the soil line as they grow.

Tylecodon striatus

Natural bonsai to 10″ tall, dwarf shrub. Grows in rocky soils, prefers some afternoon shade.

Uncarina grandidieri

A winter-deciduous succulent that grows a thick caudiciform trunk over time. Leaves are green, slightly fuzzy to the touch, and scented. Blooms lovely yellow flowers, seed pods that follow are hooked and barbed. Can get to 10ft tall.

Uncarina peltata

Shrubby caudex, branched to 10ft., large soft leaves;
golden trumpet flowers w/purple throat

Xerosicyos danguyi

Thick round leaves on a vining succulent. Leaves will die back in drought conditions. Indoor in winter. Prefers heat.

Yucca “Color Guard”

Y. filamentosa “Color Guard”
Evergreen Succulent

Low growing w/yellow stripe down the center of the leaves, 4ft. tall bloom spikes with creamy white flowers.