Cactus and Succulents - Part Shade

Kalanchoe daigremontiana

Bryophyllum daigremontianum

Plantlets form by the dozens on the leaf edges and fall and root easily. Orange flowers.

Kalanchoe laetivirens

Completely green leaves. Plantlets form by the dozens on the leaf edges and fall and root easily. Pink flowers.

Kalanchoe prolifera

Bryophyllum proliferum

Shrubby to 6ft tall, unbranched stems with large pinnate leaves.

Kalanchoe synsepala

Serrated leaves with purple edges. Produces plantlets on arcing runners. White flowers.

Lachenalia viridiflora

Small bulb with spotted oval leaves and aloe-like flowers. Large bloom sprays with dozens of stunning turquoise flowers as it matures. Winter grower, dormant in summer. Protect from freezes.

Lapidaria margaretae

Small Mesemb with pairs of articulated grey leaves. Will form 6″ clusters. Fall blooms open during the day, are followed by new leaf pairs in winter. Easy to grow and get to multiply after 2 to 3 years, however take care not to overwater. Misting is best with a little direct water in September-October. Grows well in amongst small rocks.

Ludisia discolor

Haemaria discolor

Terrestrial orchid, small white flowers, dark striped leaves. Shade-tolerant

Macodes petola

Terrestrial orchid with small white flowers, sparkling variegated leaves, shade-tolerant

Manfreda “Mint Chocolate Chip”

M. undulata “Mint Chocolate Chip”

Long narrow undulating pale green leaves speckled with deep brown spots on both sides. Dark red-brown flowers bourn on 6ft tall flower stocks. Blooms yearly when mature. Deer resistant. 2 to 3 feet.

Massonia depressa

Large perennial bulb with broad green leaves and Winter grower, dormant in summer. Protect from freezes. Large pale flowers in the center of the paired leaves with prominent erect stamens. In habitat these are pollinated by gerbils.

Matelea cyclophylla

Caudiciform in the Milkweed Family (Asclepiadaceae). Round caudex will get more irregular as it grows. Spreading deciduous vines. Fast growing, easy to grow. Unique dark purple flowers.

Mimosa pudica

Tropical herb to 5ft.; lightly spiny stems, leaves close to touch. Keep moist, grows well as a houseplant.

Monadenium echinulatum

Euphorbia echinulata

Classic hooded Monadenium flowers. Deciduous. Keep dry when dormant. Will form a small knobby caudex eventually.