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Sarracenia ‘Judith Hindle’ is very colorful and very frilly too. The new spring pitchers will come in more whitish-greenish, but those vibrant reds with sun will put on quite the show by this time of year.

It’s an American hybrid, with 3 species parentage: S. leucophylla x flava x purpurea.  Nice! These will get 20″ tall.


Sarracenia “Dixie Lace” has arching pitchers, splayed outwards, and unique flattened hoods. The golden color is also unusual.

The hybrid parents are S. leucophylla x alabamensis x psittacina, roughly speaking, though from other subspecies and cultivars of course.

Care: As with other Sarracenias, plant in 1/2 peat, 1/2 sand. While you can grow them indoors without a winter cold period, they will live for many more years if you let them go fully dormant for up to 3 months, below 40°F. They are quite cold tolerant if kept outdoors in a bog garden. Water with rainwater or distilled water for longest life, or you may have to flush the soils of salts periodically.

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