Photographic Compositions, Part 3

The final photo in our series. First we had a horizontal composition, and then a vertical closeup. Let’s finish up a bit further back, see more of the plant.

Now we can really see the cactus, in shadow, but still clearly there. This also allows us to see the extreme funnels leading up to those fluffy white flowers. Now we’re focused on the front flower, so there is no other foreground element at all. I like the large amount of black space at the top. It really helps to exaggerate the dizzying height.

Since we’re a little further back than the other two shots, this one takes on a painterly style, little daubs of white against a black background, with hints of color on one side of the cactus – almost a Rembrandt effect, if I may be so bold, of deep thickly painted shadows. Well, that’s how I see it.

So oto review, the 3 photos are very similar, since obviously they’re the same plant, and almost even the same angles, and yet the effect is so different that I just can’t decide between them.

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