Phoenix Succulents

I thought it was too hot in Phoenix for most succulents, unless you had a lot of shady spots. The newspaper begs to differ.

Stylish succulents can thrive on neglect

One large succulent in a pot makes a dramatic garden on its own…

You can infinitely mix them in potted arrangements…

(S)wag them from the balcony…

These are good ideas. I would add:

-Drip them from the drain pipe…

-Dangle them from the garage’s gutters…

-Pop them out of your car’s cup holder…

-Arrange them in shapes like circles, pentagrams and dodecahedrons….

-Glue them to the kitchen wall beside the refrigerator. You know the spot, where Sue threw the dishes at you and missed last week and they smashed against the cupboard leaving a bit of a dent in the plaster work – that spot.

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