It’s Garden Show time in Philadelphia, through this weekend.

You could hop a plane to Rome this very afternoon – $535 round-trip from Philly. Or you could hit the 2009 Philadelphia Flower Show.

I guess that’s true, in a unusual sort of way. But then I would have to fly to  PA and that would cost me, let me see, at least $656. I’d rather fly to Italy, to be honest.

Well, how about the show gardens, how are those?

San Remo. This “Italian Riviera” exhibit by Waldor Orchids of Linwood… shows… palm and olive trees, succulents and… orchids everywhere… “Real Italian flair,” says Waldor co-owner Walt Off.

Well, there’s that. Still, I’d rather be in Italy.

By the way, did I ever tell you that I almost went to college in Philly? It was a very close call and I didn’t decide until the week before school started but I ended up in Ann Arbor, Michigan instead.

When I visited the school, I stayed in the dorm room of a guy who later became President of Dunkin Donuts. True story. Do you believe me?

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