Old Photos

Jatropha mcvaughey

Back when we first started the Cactus Blog, I started photographing succulents. It’s been 9 years now, and you can probably tell that my style has changed since back then.

This is the first group of photos I took for the blog and website.

Aloe “Green Gold”

These were not very high-res back then. (I’ve had a few camera changes over the years.) At least they were digital.

Euphorbia suzannae ssp. bupleurifolia

We haven’t had that one at the store in a few years. I must have sold the parent stock when Hap wasn’t looking.

Ceraria pygmae

Nice! We still have a couple of these in the house growing. Eventually Hap may take a cutting or two to sell.

Adenium obesum never go out of style.

Euphorbia pubiglans

Now this last one we have a large parent plant that we’ve been growing nice and big for years and finally this summer we took a bunch of cuttings. But they still haven’t rooted yet! I’m hoping that we have them ready for sale in the spring. I wonder if the parent plant we have is the same as this individual I photographed 9 years ago? Probably not.

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