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Poor Richards Almanac blog takes us on a virtual tour of an obscure Pennsylvania nursery in a town nobody has ever heard of (until today.)

So today I’m going to head down to one of the undiscovered gems of Pennsylvania gardening, Ott’s Exotic Plants in Schwenksville, PA. It’s one of the few remaining authentic Victorian glasshouses, it’s packed to the gills with interesting houseplants and tropicals (and, better yet, they’re all for sale), and it’s a truly great gardening adventure. So fasten your seat belts and come along for the ride!

Imagine the thrill of driving down a winding river road, passing tiny villages and lots of seemingly uninhabited woodland, then suddenly rounding a bend and seeing the huge dome of a Victorian glasshouse rising on your right…. an enormous greenhouse that is packed with every kind of marvel–figs and citrus, cacti and succulents, an incredible collection of coleus, an extensive herb section, hanging baskets of every kind, and innumerable flowering plants.

Strangely enough, some other people had previously discovered Ott’s. They posted on gardenweb.

she took me to see Ott’s nursery on Friday. It is somewhere near Skippack. I was completely blown away. I just had to buy some plants and struggle to get them back on the plane–not sure how they liked being X-rayed!


it is an amazing place. did you go through (for lack of a better term) the rain forest part? were there any butterflies?

…when i was a kid, sometimes our sunday drive would include a trip there. you couldn’t pull my mother out.

That’s enough about Ott’s for today.

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