Now That's a Colorful Succulent

Aeonium “Sunburst”

This is a very popular succulent. It grows 2 to 3 ft. tall, and the rosettes will get about 15″ across. As it’s from the Canary Islands, it’s a winter-growing succulent so it grows well in the Bay Area. Hardy down to around 25F, although you will see some leaf damage below 30F. More pink shows up in the leaves in full sun, but the yellow stays year-round. You can see the new branches peeking out from under that giant top rosette. If someone doesn’t buy this plant maybe we’ll have to pull it apart for starts.

I see that this same plant, maybe the exact individual, has been featured on Bamboo and More since Gerhard came by the nursery and took a bunch of pictures. Ever wondered what Cactus Jungle looked like and didn’t think our own pictures were enough to get a full idea? Then check out Gerhard’s post.

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