Not Really a Question

Hey, I’ve been shopping at your place for literally 10 years since you
were way over on ….. And we stopped by today to pick up some stuff
and some cactus and I thought I would get some dirt ’cause one of my
cactus needs some dirt. So I bought a bag of your dirt. Then I read
the ingredients. Give me a break! Composted Rice Hulls! Neem Seed
Meal! I ask you: do any of these cactus have this stuff out in the
middle of the Mojave Desert or out in the middle of New Mexico?? Fish
bone meal?? When was the last time there were any fish in the Sonora
Desert?? Maybe 200 million years ago?? I love it!!

You guys are the greatest and have the best stuff anywhere since Red
Desert went bust in the City!!!

Merry Christmas!

“I’d Rather Be Sailing”

Our cactus soil mix is designed to be used in all places except the desert. If you are planting cactus in the desert, the native soil should work just fine. However, anywhere else, and the plants need a different mix to thrive. Oddly, most commercial mixes are best suited to the desert.

For reference, the Mojave is one of the driest deserts in the world, with about 2″ of rainfall. Here in the Bay Area we get about 25″ per year on average.
Happy New Year

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