North Carolina Cactus

They like them their cactus in winter in North Carolina. So says

Perhaps not enjoying the magnitude of poinsettia’s notoriety as a holiday symbol, a Christmas cactus in full bloom is no less stunning. A virtual heirloom, the long-lived plant is often passed down through the generations. Difficult to kill, even for this experienced flower hunter, our plant’s Achilles heel appears to be improper watering techniques. This year half the plant succumbed to too much water due to inadequate drainage from the base of its pot. Fortunately, this situation was timely corrected and the remaining half is right on schedule for a Christmas crescendo….

North Carolina’s wild native cactus, Opuntia humifusa, does have typical cactus features, and lives up to its common name, prickly pear. Producing an attractive spring-blooming flower, prickly pear can only be dealt with using extreme caution and adequate protection since the spines can cause injury and pain. Pets and children must be protected from contact with prickly pear plants.

Oh, they’re just talking about the christmas cactus like everyone else this time of year. Everyone must be pretty sick of poinsettias.


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