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The Lakeland (FL ) Ledger has an article about monstrose cactus, but no pictures. How can that be?

Monstrose plants include cactus species that ordinarily display prominent ribs but sometimes grow atypically into non-ridged barrel, sphere or column-shaped specimens.

Much more dramatic, however, to the point of being radically disfigured, are cactus with misbehaving growing points that produce wavy or fan-shaped growth. Some of these distorted cactus are said to have a cristate, or crested, form.

Outstanding monstrose varieties are frequently found among Cereus cactuses such as C. peruvianus, jamacaru and hildmannianus. These wonderfully twisted plants shape themselves into eye-catching, living sculptures.

Equally awesome are monstrose varieties of Opuntia cactuses, including O. tunicata monstrosus and the striking O. vestita cristata.

Also densely festooned with spines are cristate kinds of Mammillaria cactuses, such as the white-spined M. lanata and the golden-spined M. elongata.

Yes, but where are the pictures?

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