No! Not Another Cactus Toy!

Yes! The toys have the final say in the matter, so who am I to argue with them? Now, technically, you may argue this is not actually a toy, but rather a Lifesize Cardboard Standup – a decorative asset to any home and garden. And you’d be wrong by my reckoning. It comes from a site called Toy Impact and is listed under a category called Toys. So there, point taken.

But it would make such a lovely addition to any fine living room area.

But wait! Don’t make your decision yet. We also have this one!

It’s not as festive, but it is a little more classy! But what about accessories? Are there accessories to go with it, you may ask? But of course. Try out this lifesize cardboard cutout for size:

And these adorable accessories too:

Oh for crying out loud, that’s enough!

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