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Tuesdays are good days for plant news. Garden news is better on Wednesdays, while Thursdays are prime for Sea Otter news.

Today is Tuesday, so we have plant news.

In Lansing, Michigan they have 9 reasons for you to buy succulents.

4. Many – Echeveria, in particular – develop their most intense foliage colors during winter months, when other plants are dormant or just look drab.

That’s a good one. Even for Lansing.

Washington DC has a new Succulents Fetish. What with the presidential race being so quiet these days and the economy humming right along, they have a lot of spare time in the nation’s capital to think about succulents.

Succulents, especially the many hardy varieties, give you a longer season of interest (than many other perennials) because their foliage is so interesting.”

That’s a very similar observation to the last article. Hmmm. I wonder if we can find someone in Nebraska expressing the same sentiment?


But we do have a cactus shaped building on the boards for Qatar.

An artist’s impression of the cactus shaped building.

Well, I never would have guessed.

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