News Roundup! Woohoo!

We love us some news roundups! and some exclamation points too! We do!

First up we finally find some pictures of the artificial cactuses! (since they’re artificial, I don’t think they’re “cacti”) being built to provide homes for the cactus wren at the Audubon Society.

Photos courtesy Irvine Ranch Conservancy.

Next up we have a desert newspaper telling us about how to make your desert garden high-style by using succulents! Well, that’s nuts! It’s not a possibility, it’s a requirement to have succulents, or the garden just isn’t stylish at all. Get with the program!

Low on water, high on style

“I got rid of a lot of lawn and all the ficus trees and then converted my yard to desert landscape”… Karvelis didn’t want to use tropical plants but his yard is still very colorful.

“People think of desert landscape as sand (and) rocks… but there are lots of flowering plants that work with little water.”

Now you know what it takes, so you too can get with the program.

And apparently succulents are getting even more popular in South Carolina! (since they’re experiencing a drought there too.)

“Drought is as common as thunderstorms and hot summer days…”

Use the right plants for the right spots… One suggestion is to use plants that hug the ground and have thick succulent foliage.

We agree.

And finally, we find that succulents are also becoming more popular in Washington too! Who knew?

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