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Here’s some more news in digest form about the wide world of cactus and advertising and coin collecting and food coloring too. Something for everyone. Plus I relate a story from my youth.

The Tunica (MS) Times has a cooking column, with a chatty host. In this column, they’re featuring pineapple chunks and sausage for something called “Hawaiian Combo.” But first the writer tells us about her cacti.

Most of the plants I keep in the upstairs sunroom are cactus or succulents because I forget to water them.

Good to know. Next up, those “Cactus Kid” ads for a new soft drink I featured recently…. Turns out they’re being protested for glamorizing teen pregnancy, or something.

The ASA has received 11 complaints that the ad is offensive because it normalises or glamourises teenage pregnancy and that it is also irresponsible for suggesting people should drink Oasis instead of water. There are also concerns about whether the female character is a minor and that the ad has been scheduled inappropriately.

Oy. Get a life.

Anyway, next on the agenda is nice. From France we read about antioxident food colorings in your diet.

The potent antioxidant activity of pigments from beet and cactus pears may be the key to their potential, suggests a new review from Brazil.

Red dyes in nature, don’t you know.

Lastly, I would hope you’re still with us, because this next one is super special to me, since I’ve been covering this story since the very beginning. Or else I’m just a little punchy putting together such a fabulous news roundup for you. Anyway, the Arizona State quarters with the Saguaros on them have an error.

So the next day, I decide what the heck, and have my local dealer pull a couple of rolls worth out of his mint bag. I got them home, and found about 1/3 had the “extra cactus” covering the designer’s initials (JFM) and 13 out of the 80 had the “extra cactus” covering both the initials and the date.

Wow. Big news in the numismatist world, indeed. I remember back when I was 12 and started collecting stamps and there was an error on a stamp from Botswana, and the philatelist world was up in arms.

My Mom recently sent me a package that included some foreign stamps I had collected and forgot about a long time ago. I was only 12 at the time. She was cleaning out the last of my stuff at the house, and that was the end of it. Now what do I do with these?

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