New Jersey Cactus

Now it’s true that this looks like an impressive and beautifully maintained collection of cactus. And at 97 Vera Norman is doing yeoman’s work keeping these alive and healthy. But what I like most about this is the fact that the Newark Advocate couldn’t resist a little cactus pun in the headline.

Newark woman’s cacti keep her sharp at 97


By the way, in case you were interested, the use of the phrase I use above is discouraged by a cranky conservative pedant.

“Yeoman’s work” is a term at the outer limits of usefulness in our lexicon. The term commonly refers to some manner of simple, honest work. So we must ask, why say “yeoman’s work” instead of just “simple, honest work”

And yet I think my use of the phrase above is better than if I had substituted “simple, honest work” so I will pedantically disagree with the cranky conservative pedant.

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